I’ve been following a number of self-made millionaires in the internet marketing industry over the last year and a half. During that time I have noticed some common traits in these people. These people usually started out just like you and me, they did it tough to start out with and consequently they learnt the value of the dollar and how hard it is to earn. 

Each of them appear to follow a set guidelines that have proven to be of value to them on their journey. Another observation I made is that these rules appear to work no matter what industry they are focussed on. 

Now If you have your sights set on creating your own laptop lifestyle and becoming a self-made millionaire then consider these common traits as a set of rules to live by:

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10 Rules to Live By To Become A Self-Made Millionaire

#1. Surround Yourself With Successful Like-Minded People

You are the sum of the five closest people in your circle of influence. If they are poor you will reflect that. If they are rich you will be rich. You need to be around people who share similar goals and visions as yourself. These people will motivate you and share ideas with you. They will help you stay focussed on your goals. But at all costs avoid people who don’t share your goals and vision. These people will drain you of your life force, your spark will be extinguished. These peoples limiting self beliefs will do nothing for your self esteem.

#2. Be Honest And Transparent

Always be honest and transparent with people especially your customers.

People are very good at sensing if you are not totally honest with them or outright lying. If you ever hope to have a successful business online you need to get your customers to know, like and trust you with the most important of these being trust. 

Just be honest, straightforward and transparent with people. 

#3. Fail Fast And Fail Forward

Its ok to fail. It is only through failure that we learn and grow as people. Learn from failures and mistakes. Take on the lessons that present themselves and ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

You are going to make mistakes and you are going to fail. How you react to those failures is what makes you successful. If you fall, don’t get down on yourself, but look at why you failed, take it as a learning experience, brush it off and move on.

#4. Add Exceptional Value To Peoples Lives

Always provide exceptional value to peoples lives. Find the root cause of their greatest problem and address it by over delivering by a factor of 10 x the value the average person would reasonable expect to get from you. Zig Ziglar put it best with his quote: “If you help enough people get what they want you can have anything you want’.

#5. Don’t Get Comfortable

The second you get comfortable with life is the second you stop your journey to the top. If you reach your goal, set a new one, don’t settle for second best. Your best can always be better. If your goal was to make a million dollars and you achieve it, great! Now go for two million and then four, and then six, set yourself stretch goals. Always be hungry for success. Don’t be afraid to set goals so high they are way out of your comfort zone. Imagine yourself achieving those impossible goals and imagine what it would feel like to achieve them. Let that drive you.

#6. Improve Yourself Every Day

Never stop improving yourself, through self development training, your appearance, your knowledge. Always be eager to learn new things, make yourself aware of the latest in the leading edge technologies / innovations within your industry and stay ahead of these emerging trends.

#7. Work Harder Than Anyone Else In Your Industry

Nothing beats experience. Experience is only gained by doing. Strive to achieve mastery of your chosen field of endeavour. You can never achieve true mastery in your business unless you are willing to work harder than the person next to you. 

#8. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Both Physically And Mentally

Exercising releases a flood of good chemicals into your blood stream. These help you maintain your focus, increase your energy levels and make you feel good about yourself. Mental health is also important,  train your mind not just your body. Your mindset matters more than you believe it does. You become what you think. Always spend time on brain training by reading, studying new ways of marketing, making money online and self development for around 20% of your time.

#9. Pay It Forward

Self-made millionaires didn’t get to where they are today by themselves, they had help. Many of them recognise this and pay it forward by helping others in their journey to success. Always be mindful of the world around you and those who are in need. Taking care of your loved ones when you achieve financial success is one of the best ways to enjoy your wealth. But also consider the less fortunate in the world and pay it forward by reaching out a helping hand to them. Remember you may have once been among them and it may have only been through someone offering you a helping hand that you got to where you are today. Look at Tony Robbins for example he feeds over a million people around the holidays with his foundation. Bill Gates foundation is helping the poorest nations eradicate diseases. Remember to pay it forward. Doing this keeps things in perspective and gives you additional motivation for doing what it is you do with your life.

#10. Challenge Yourself and Think Big

Self-made millionaires challenge themselves every day to better their previous results.They got to where they are today by setting stretch goals for themselves. They didn’t have huge goals when they were first starting out but everyday they would reassess and double their goals when they achieved them until they got to where they are today. Once there they continue to challenge themselves to better their previous results and innovate / reassess their business models to achieve these. It gives you something to always be striving for, to be hungry for. If you want to succeed you have to have a hunger for it, a passion, a dream to follow.

Many people focus solely on their short-term success and have small goals like “I want to make X amount of money in the next month.” Don’t focus on short-term goals, instead focus on the long-term goals, the big picture of where you want to be in your life. It is only these types of big goals that will get you truly motivated. These are the types of goals that will make you become truly self-sufficient and build the wealth and lifestyle you want for you and your family.

Being a self-made millionaire will come with its own unique set of challenges, but they are obviously nice ones to have. But by living by these rules and learning from the success of those who have already accomplished this goal, then you will be well equipped with the knowledge you need to help you achieve your financial goals and improve your life both now and when you have made it.

Now if this blog post has been of value to you (hopefully 10x the value of the time it took you to read it) and you want to get some exceptionally valuable training that reveals how to really establish yourself online without all the hype, then please Take Action here and connect with me. I look forward to meeting with you.

Here’s To Your Success,

Grant Cause


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