Multiple Streams Of Income

Do you want multiple streams of income (aka MSI) in your business? If so this post is for you. My whole business is based on having MSI’s one of my students asked me what MSI is so I thought it would make a good blog post. In this post I will explain exactly what I mean by MSI, how MSI’s can help your business, what MSI’s are all about and how you can get the exact same setup in your business that I use in my business for free starting today.

My Business Uses MSI’s

I don’t know many marketers out there who will lay their sales funnels out bare for you like this but I believe in complete transparency. So here is my complete sales funnel, it allows me to work smart and not hard. It allows me to focus on the 20% of effort that will provide me with 80% of my profits while at the same time providing 80% of the value to my customers with just 20% of the effort:

Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of Income

Click this link to learn how you can get my complete sales funnel and add these same MSI’s to your business for free today.

In everything you do for your market you want to provide exceptional value. Having multiple streams of income in your business can do just that by providing your market with the tools and training they need to grow and enhance their businesses.

Remember, always be looking for ways to add exceptional value to your market in everything you do.

Lets Breakdown My Business And It’s MSI’s

Here are the multiple streams of income in my business and I will go through each and explain what they are and how they add value to my target market. My target market is people who are looking to start a business online either as a side hustle or as full-time internet marketers.

Ok so think back to the days of the gold rush of the 1800’s, all the miners were off looking for gold. But in order to find that gold they had to get picks and shovels and other tools they needed to find gold.

Your multiple streams of income come from selling the modern day equivalent of those picks and shovels.

In todays example we will look at Internet Marketers as the modern day equivalent to the gold miner. Internet marketers are always looking for the veins of gold that will allow them to add value to their markets and bring them and their customers increased profits. So today we are looking at both how to add value and bring in increased profit into your business and that of your customers.

Sales Funnel MSI

In order for the modern marketer to find potential customers the marketer needs a landing page (aka Squeeze Page or Opt-in Page). ClickFunnels is the tool of choice that provides the ability to create landing pages. The marketer will always need to produce landing pages so you have a potential source of long term monthly residual income.

Now, not only does ClickFunnels produce landing pages but it can produce complete sales funnels and full websites. It also provides analytics on how well those sales funnels are performing so it serves the marketer in many more ways than just producing landing pages. ClickFunnels becomes an integral part of their business and thus of tremendous value to them over time, this increases your chances of having long term residual income from this tool.

Take me for example, I am an internet marketer, I use ClickFunnels in my business every day and I love the split testing feature as it allows me to refine my marketing to increase traffic conversions on my sales funnels into sales. I will always need to produce sales funnels so I would not give ClickFunnels up for anything else. Having tried many other tools for my marketing landing pages with varying levels of success, I always found myself coming back to ClickFunnels so now it is my go-to tool for doing this. ClickFunnels is the cornerstone of my business and I have no hesitation in paying for it every month because it pays for itself many times over in the value it provides me in my business and the revenue it generates.

Link Tracking MSI

Now in order to maximise their advertising spend the modern marketer will need to track who clicks on the links that go to the landing page. Not all clicks are of equal value and ClickMagick is the tool that tracks that for them. They will always need to track their links so you again have another potential long term source of monthly income. As an Internet Marketer, I use ClickMagick in my business on a daily basis, so have no hesitation in paying monthly for it. I love the fact I can track down to the smallest detail where my traffic is coming from, what quality of traffic I am getting (i.e. Tier 1, Tier2, etc) and how that traffic is converting into sales. ClickMagick is of tremendous value to my business as I can hold traffic vendors accountable for the quality and quantity of their traffic they provide me. ClickMagick also allows me to brand my links to my business using custom domain names for the links this helps build you brand credibility.

Autoresponder MSI

Now the modern marketer will need to capture peoples emails when they come to the landing page and opt-in by providing their email address so GetResponse is the tool of choice that allows them to do that. The main business asset for an internet marketer is their email list. Their List is therefore of tremendous value to them in their business and thus you have a potential long term source of on-going monthly residual revenue for your business if you sell them this tool.

Not only does GetResponse allow them to capture the leads email address it allows them to automate their business by setting up a follow-up series of emails to go out to the lead making other offers to them and providing their customers with valuable content. So they can setup a 30 day sequence of follow-up emails to go out after someone opts into their list and set and forget it after that. If they want they can also send out broadcast emails to their list offer additional value or offers to their customers.

I use GetResponse daily in my business and have no hesitation in paying monthly for it as it allows me to automate my entire business when combined with ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels integrates directly with GetResponse so I just set this up in my sales funnel and it works seamlessly in the background doing my marketing for me as I sleep.

High-Ticket Offer MSI

Now as a gold miner you are obviously looking to strike it rich and find that vein of gold that will deliver you the bulk of your money. In modern marketer terms that is having a high-ticket offer on the back-end of your sales funnel. This is typically a system of some kind that provides training to your customers in return for a monthly residual income stream to you. It may also involve some one off high ticket offers such as events people can go to to learn more about growing their businesses.

Strictly speaking if you don’t have a high-ticket offer in your sales funnel, you don’t have a business. This is where 80% of your revenue will come from. So it is crucial you identify a good high quality, high-ticket offer that you can offer your target market.

In my case that high-ticket offer is Digital Altitude, I chose this because of the exceptional value it offers my customers in terms of the comprehensive business and marketing training and 1 on 1 coaching they get. How do I know that it offers exceptional value, well I have been through all the training myself and have met with my coaches and they really know their stuff. In my business I only promote high quality tools and training that I have either used or done the training in myself.

Having a coach and mentor in any new endeavour is key to your success and Digital Altitude provides 5 of these coaches who have all made six figures or more online already so they can easily show my customers how to do the same.

So I know it can provide exceptional value to my customers but can it provide me with that elusive vein of gold (high-ticket), and the answer is yes, you see the Digital Altitude system has its own MSI’s within it and you can makes sales from $37 per month after a $1 trial period right up to $64,000 on the top product offers. They even have a program that will pay a lease on your dream car if you qualify for it and want to take them up on the offer. They pay great commissions on each of these MSI’s and again its a high quality product you can be proud to promote to your people so you can rest easy at night knowing you are offering great value to your people.

Using MSI’s as SLO’s

Now these multiple streams of income can also be used to pay for your advertising as SLO’s, self-liquidating offers, by creating a sales funnel that introduces people to these tools as soon as they opt-in to your front end offer in a way that shows them the tremendous value they can get from them without resorting to being spammy or using any high pressure selling.

Some people will take you up on the offer and others won’t that is absolutely fine, but enough people will that will effectively mean by making money on the front-end of your sales funnel you are effectively getting your traffic for free as the front-end offers are paying for it. You only need your front end offer to break even with your advertising cost per lead and you have yourself an SLO. Longer term this also becomes a nice source of residual income that you can be proud to offer as it is helping people grow their businesses.

I also have another system that teaches you how to get free traffic off Instagram. My friend made $250,000 on Instagram in less than 5 Months using MSI’s to make 5 figures per month from Instagram alone using the training this system provides. I only just started finished the training and started using this in my business but already I can see that it is going to become my primary traffic source over time as I grow my Instagram accounts. But having free traffic like this means that any sales made from my front end sales funnels will convert from being SLO’s to being pure profit.

Click this link if you would be interested in learning more about the Instagram training system.

How Can You Easily Add MSI’s To Your Business Today For Free?

So if having multiple streams of income in your business is of interest to you, I have a system that provides this sales funnel for you for free and does all the telling and selling for you. So you can add this to your business in the next 30 minutes and have multiple streams of income added to your business in a way that sells them for you. You can have the exact same sales funnel I use in my business every day.

Click this link to learn how you can get my complete sales funnel add these same MSI’s to your business for free today.

Multiple streams of income (MSI) equates to selling picks and shovels. The only difference is that rather than selling a miner a pick and shovel one time you are leasing it to them on a monthly basis. Sometimes the miner will buy it outright and then you have a larger one time payment. So in our example above Marketer = Miner, Marketing tools = Picks and Shovels. Hope this analogy helps clarify MSI. :-)

Here’s To Your Success,

Grant Cause

P.S. Now if this blog post has been of value to you (hopefully 10x the value of the time it took you to read it) and you want to get some exceptionally valuable training that reveals how to really establish yourself online without all the hype, then please Take Action here and apply to work with me. I look forward to working with you.

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